Mar. 2, 2022

The Right Team Cures Developers' 'Blind Effect'

A SPECIAL REPORT by Tripp Scott's Gregory McAloon as published in Florida Trend

The Florida-bound migration fueled by the pandemic has created a new-construction land rush and development boom. From coastal communities to cities in the center of the state, developers have bought up property and unfurled plans to capitalize on the demand for residential and commercial capacity.

Some developers new to a region, however, suffer the “blind effect.” They may be skilled in bringing projects from raw dirt to full occupancy. In a community where they’ve never worked before, however, there may be a newcomer blind to the local spirit and players.

On-the-ground guidance into the thinking behind its rules, ordinances and the community’s future goals could help their plans earn local support. That’s where the right professional partner can help. Whether working with municipal or county governing bodies to obtain necessary approvals for the development and redevelopment of property or helping commercial and residential landowners to bring properties into compliance with the applicable code, an attorney within a multidisciplinary law firm can bring individual expertise backed by a deep bench of professionals proven in their areas of expertise. These can include land use, regulatory, administrative, and zoning, for starters.

Partners also can bring institutional knowledge. Attorneys who have spent much of their careers in a given community often possess historical insights and relationships in government offices and civic groups that newcomers lack.

A developer might receive a permit, but did community backlash to similar efforts stall previous work? What are city planners seeking from new developments going in? To be sure, rules are codified in the city’s building and design codes and local ordinances. City leaders and residents, however, often have a vision for their community — one that may not be in writing.

Examples are common. The history of development along with downtown Fort Lauderdale and its riverfront is one of the builders’ visions that weren’t embraced by the community and faced a tough future. A developer who bought up land in an up-and-coming North Miami community faced code enforcement issues they hadn’t anticipated. An introduction to a civil engineer and general contractor helped correct the issue. The same may be said of working with locally-versed architects and planners.

Where can you find these local professionals? If you’re new to an area, attend city commission, planning, and zoning, or other development meetings. Read the agendas. Strike up conversations. Or talk with your attorney, who may have similar connections. Get to know the different players. Then, build that network.

Most importantly, start early. The right partner brought on from the beginning can help spot and navigate around potential roadblocks, make critical introductions, and chart a path to community acceptance and development success.




By: Charles M Tatelbaum and Corey D. Cohen, Tripp Scott PA

Experience tells us that the recent increase in subprime auto loan defaults can be a reliable predictor of an overall increase in consumer bankruptcies which, in turn, causes problems for businesses in many sectors.  Recently reported data discloses that in the fourth quarter of 2022, subprime auto loan defaults increased by slightly more than 30%.

These defaults rise from a number of reasons, namely:  (1) higher interest rates on the subprime loans that have a floating rate of interest; (2) inflationary increases which have pinched consumers' budgets; and (3) increased costs of rental housing.

TSE's Candice Ericks Named One of City & State's Women Power 10

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., January 25, 2023 – Tripp Scott today announced that Candice Ericks, Director of Government Relations for TSE, the governmental affairs division of Tripp Scott, was named one of City & State Florida's Women Power 100. 

City & State is the premier media organization dedicated to covering Florida, New York and Pennsylvania's local and state politics and policy. Its in-depth, non-partisan coverage serves Florida’s leaders every day as a trusted guide to the issues impacting Florida. City & State Florida's Women Power 100 list is comprised of elected officials and high-powered lobbyists, leaders from the worlds of business, nonprofits, media, social justice, conservative think tanks and what we call the “persuasion industry”: public relations, strategic messaging and fundraising.

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