Jun. 9, 2021

Tripp Scott’s Paul Lopez Feature Contributions in Daily Business Review

Below are excerpts from Dan Roe's regular COVID-19 feature column in LAW.COM - Daily Business Review 

Slowly But Surely, South Florida's Law Firms Are Making Their Way Back to the Office

Tripp Scott
Reopening: July 6

The 47-lawyer Fort Lauderdale firm is also opening after the July 4 weekend, using staggered starting and ending times (8-9:30 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.) to prevent employees from congregating in elevators and lobbies.

“We decided about a month ago that we felt comfortable starting after July 4,” COO Paul Lopez said in an interview. “Obviously, we’re going to expect you to come back. We have been making sure that people give us a heads-up about whether they’ve been vaccinated.”

With roughly 80% of attorneys vaccinated, Lopez said those who have their shots don’t have to wear masks in the office, while those without the vaccination will be required to follow CDC guidelines that include mask-wearing.

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Making It Work: How South Florida's Summer Associate Programs Are Shaping Up in 2021

Tripp Scott, the 47-lawyer Fort Lauderdale firm had four summer associates start last week, COO Paul Lopez said in an interview. Despite the office not opening for all attorneys and staff until July, the summer associates are already working in-office every day of their 12-week program. 

“We think there’s a significant benefit to in-office working with lawyers versus remote work,” he said. “They’re very happy to be here; there was no resistance from any of them. If one or a few had concerns, we’d accommodate them.” 

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How South Florida Firms Are Pushing Toward Full-Vax

Tripp Scott, the 47-lawyer Fort Lauderdale firm won’t be requiring vaccinations when employees return full-time following the July 4 weekend. In an interview, COO Paul Lopez said the firm has been asking employees to notify it when they become vaccinated.

“We’re at about 80% fully vaccinated,” Lopez said. “While we haven’t made it mandatory, it’s strongly encouraged. We’re trying to give everyone enough lead time to get comfortable with the idea of coming back to work.”

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Bankruptcy May Not Solve Your Clients' Problems

With the increase and proliferation of Native American and other casinos, as well as the advent of internet sports gambling, many of those suffering substantial losses are turning to a bankruptcy filing in order to obtain a “fresh start” by filing a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy proceeding. Unfortunately, for those individuals who fail to meet the strict standards relating to obtaining a discharge in bankruptcy, a foray into a bankruptcy proceeding may turn out to be a journey in quicksand.

Competition for Legal Talent Drives Nail into Coffin of Five-Day, In-Office Work Week

Tripp Scott director and chief operating officer Paul Lopez initially asked his attorneys and staff to return to the office full time in July. Then, the delta variant hit, and the 48-lawyer law firm readopted its hybrid working model.

Nowadays, as Lopez plans for the future of Tripp Scott’s in-office working policies, he weighs aggressive competition from rival firms in his decision of whether to eventually ask everyone to return for a five-day, in-office work week.

“We have been successful in retaining employees and paralegals and associates, even though we know recruiters out there are trying to recruit them, because they know they have flexibility,” Lopez said in an interview. “I think that if we went back to five days (in-office) per week, that could have consequences for us because of how actively our competitors are trying to solicit employees with promises that they could work remotely. We’re trying to listen to the marketplace.”

Henny L. Shomar Joins Broward Public Library Foundation’s Board of Directors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., October 21, 2021, Tripp Scott today announced that Henny L. Shomar, a director with the firm’s family law and commercial litigation practices, was appointed to the Broward Public Library Foundation’s Board of Directors. The board members serve as active ambassadors for the Library Foundation and are involved in its mission through board meeting attendance, committee work, support and attendance.

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